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Property Selling

Start planning early

Start weeding out your current possessions. Throw out, give away, or sell the things that you don’t want to move at a yard sale.

Identify your home’s flaws or problems

Sellers are obligated to disclose any major problems or flaws in the structure or property, including things like dry rot, termites, asbestos, or a new highway slated to run nearby. The disclosure requirements vary by state, but if you fail to mention the leaky roof or flooding basement, you could be sued for fraud. There is really no upside to trying to hide problems anyway since most buyers will have the home inspected before closing.

Get the house in “showcase” condition

Small cosmetic touches can increase your home’s value by thousands-example repairing broken windows, tiles gutter. Repainting and touch up in certain areas. Fixing broken railings/ handrails.  Keep sidewalk clean and walk way clear of debris . Before you start showing your home, you need to decide what will be included in the sale. If you want to take your washer and dryer with you, tell serious buyers before negotiations start.

Market conditions are likely to have the most significant impact on the sale price of your home, so take note of whether the homes in your area are priced high or low and if they're selling quickly. Become informed on current interest rates and the local job market, and use this information to determine if it's a seller's or a buyer's market.

 We understand that you have many choices and that the process of buying or selling a home can be stressful. Whether it's residential, commercial or investment, we offer a full range of services, and we're with you from start to finish.


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